The industrial property is one of the two branches of the intellectual property (the other one being the copyright). It’s value is not determined by a mass value, but by an information value: the mass value (e.g. the value of a blank CD) is actually negligible compared to the value of the information.


Industrial property includes

  • Technical solutions protected by patents and utility models
  • Protection of products appearance protected by industrial designs
  • Denomination rights represented by trademarks, appellations of origin or geographic denominations

Protection of all industrial property rights is valid only within a specific territory, for which the right had been granted.



By filing the application, the applicant acquires the priority right before any and all later applicants (priority date).


More information regarding the protection of the industrial property can be found either on this web page or on the following web pages:

Chamber of Patent Attorneys of Czech Republic:



Industrial Property Office (Czech Patent and Trademark Office):



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