Industrial design are intellectual property rights intended for protection of external products appearance (the “visual design“) of a product that is new and has an individual character.  The registered industrial design is protected for 5 years from filing the industrial design application and can be repeatedly extended for further 5 years up to the total 25 years. A protection abroad can be provided by a registration process in a  foreign country. 

Protection in EU can be granted by Community Industrial Design (RCD); the registration is provided by the application at the European Union Intellectual Property Office  (EUIPO) in Alicante, Spain.

Industrial design can be registered also in other countries of the world through the international registration in accordance with Haague Agreement at the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Porperty Office (WIPO) in Geneve on the base of a single application.

Priority of a solution (preference based on the filing date of the application): an applicant (or his successor in title) can use its first filing date in one country as the effective filing date in another country, provided that the applicant files another application within 6 monts from the first filing.